If it’s good enough for the Royals….!!

The Royals are always jetting off on state visits and what goes hand in hand with these tours of duty are of course the numerous gifts bestowed upon them. It shows that the importance of giving of a gift, whether it is a present, incentive or a thank you, lies in the significance of the actual gesture. It enables the person receiving the gift to have feelings of value and worth.

Having said that the Royal family have been presented with a pretty mixed bag of gifts to say the least over the years and some of these items, listed below, are some of the more interesting given recently:

  • Dressage crop
  • Embroidered tablecloth
  • Wooden coffee grinder
  • Bristle brush boot scraper
  • Wooden plaque with a greetings message
  • Sculpture of a Bengal tiger
  • Case of beer

These are just a taster, however it would be wrong not to mention the tins of canned fish given to the Earl and Countess of Wessex or the packet of dried beef handed to the Duchess of Cornwall!

None the less these gifts were given with one thought in mind, to demonstrate the esteem the receiver is held in.

Promotional gifts provide an important role in helping to promote awareness no matter what your industry, they also show the recipient  that you value them and their business. Whatever business sector your work in, there are many imaginative ways to use branded merchandise to help you stand out from the crowd and build those all important relationships. Good news if you are not a fan of dried beef or canned fish!