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Standard products for promotional merchandise and corporate gifts from Baze Associates

At Baze Associates we recognise that some organisations are often looking for more standard products, rather than unique items.

This can be because of perceived budget restraints, or it can simply be that they are not aware of the bespoke services we provide.

Whatever the reason we can and do supply a huge range of standard promotional products at competitive prices.

That’s not to say that they need to remain standard, of course!

We can help you choose the right items for your needs, budgets and timings – and we can add the magic ingredient of our Creative Solutions with suggestions on design, colours and branding.

Using standard products for inspiring your own unique gifts

We find that many organisations start the process of finding their promotional merchandise or gifts by looking at catalogues of standard products.

There’s no doubt this can be a useful process in starting to define the sort of things you would like to use and which can be simply branded.

However, a simple call to us will enable you to call on our years of experience and expertise to advise and inspire you on how to develop your ideas into something special without adding significantly to your budgets.

So if you are looking for the sort of gift or promotional item which will appeal to your customers why not browse our shops in our Gifts & Giveaways section – and then ring us on 01428 708082, or use our Contact Us page, to find out how we can add our extra sparkle of creative magic to make it truly yours.

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