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Quality promotional merchandise, gifts and services from Baze Associates

At Baze Associates we believe passionately in enhancing your brand with quality items which reflect your values and delight your customers.

Yet in maximising their budgets too many organisations focus solely on price and volume.

‘How many can we get made for this amount?’ ‘Can we have more for less?’

So it’s not surprising that their promotional merchandise turns out to be cheap, tawdry, tacky…and in the bin within a couple of days of being received!

But what does this say about their brand?

And what does it say about their attitude towards their most valuable asset – their customers?

Meeting your customer’s expectations

Your customers, clients and consumers know the difference between rubbish and quality, between useful and useless, between valuable and valueless.

So we help you find the right balance between cost, quality and creativity with items your customers will value and want to keep – putting your brand in front of them every day and making your promotional merchandise and gifts work for you cost efficiently.

Complete attention to detail

Quality, of course, is much more than just ensuring your items work and are made of the correct materials in the correct way.
For us it is also about the small touches, the attention to detail all along the line.

If you value your customers and want to work with a sales promotion company that shares your values then please do Contact Us today, or telephone us on 01428 708082 for a chat about how we can help you.

We’ll make sure you are proud of your promotional merchandise – and so are your clients!

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