A simple way to get more business from your customers!

Encouraging your current customers to buy more products and services from you is one of the most efficient ways of growing your business – and certainly a lot easier, less expensive and less stressful than trying to find new customers to sell to!

Your clients know you, have bought from you before and are (hopefully!) pleased with what they have bought.

So they trust you and are happy to buy from you again.

Two ways to increase sales

There are, of course, two main ways to increase sales to present customers:

1. Get them to buy more of what they have already bought from you and/or

2. Get them to buy another service or product from you that they haven’t bought before.

Professional window cleaning firm Aspinalls wanted to achieve both of these and came to us at Baze Associates for a creative and cost efficient solution.

We looked at how current bookings for normal window cleaning services were managed by the company, and also at the range of additional services it wanted more customers to know about and use.

Creative and cost effective solution

Our solution is a simple bespoke printed calendar on a flexible, wipe clean, magnetic backing which can be easily displayed on a fridge or any other metal surface.

But – as you can see from the photo with this blog – this is no ordinary calendar!

It features:
* It’s own specially formulated pen to write on and wipe off
* Information on the full range of services Aspinalls provides including: cleaning the insides of windows, facia boards, solar panels and conservatory roofs and clearing gutters
* A spot for confirming the date of the next window clean to ensure it is booked in advance
* A useful Notes area where customers can write reminders, telephone messages, shopping items etc
* The Calendar for forward planning throughout the year
* A printed note next to each month’s display promoting the company’s services by season – eg conservatory roof cleaning for the Spring, gutter clearing for the Autumn etc
* A scheme to encourage customers to refer neighbours to Aspinalls
* Full contact details for the company so they are easily to hand at all times
* Even a reminder to make sure the side gate is unlocked on the day of the next window clean!

Getting results

So our simple calendars not only persuades customers to buy more window cleaning from Aspinalls, they also encourage people to buy the company’s other services, and plan and book them in advance.

And as a bonus the calendars inspire customers to give personal referrals, which Aspinalls has found is the most effective way to gain new business.

All at a cost which enables the company to give them away to both current and potential customers.

So are they working?

Tremendous success

Glyn Aspinall, MD of Aspinalls Professional Window Cleaning Services, says: “The calendars are proving to be a tremendous success for us and already we are seeing a fantastic return on investment.
“They are helping us to book in a great deal of extra business, and are especially effective in upselling our additional services like gutter clearing and solar panel cleaning.
“Our customers love them, they are a great talking point and they are promoting us directly with our key target audiences 24 hours a day every day throughout the year.
“Thanks to Baze Associates we now have a creative and very effective marketing tool which is already seeing a fantastic return on investment – I can highly recommend Jo and her team for their knowledge, ideas and professionalism throughout the whole process!”